Hello everyone, If you want to experiment and encourage the refactoring culture for your product without fear, you would get a broad idea end of this article. We would explore how to have a healthy work culture on refactoring.

I have seen in past whenever we hear in standup mid…

I am currently working with one of the most enthusiastic teams that I have had a chance to work within my career. And since we all are remote, we miss out on those water cooler discussions a lot of times. Or as I like to call them — “Chai pe…

A mobile app has immensely become a part of everyone’s life these days. People are moving from desktop to mobile apps to get their daily need been served. It becomes very important how fast your mobile app works, what glitches you face on poor/no network connection.

So, testing these apps…

One sentence for 2019: An year of speaking at international conferences

-2019 ConSelenium 2019 Improving Test run time using AWS Lambda,

-2019 German Testing Days June 7th 2019 Improving Test run time using AWS Lambda

-2019 KCDC Kansa Beyond Performance using Taurus

-2019 StarCanada 2019 October 23rd workshop Advance principles…

All the java and C# lover coming to a javascript world I can understand your discomfort coming from that compiled world. When I had to work for javascript project in our test automation it was very difficult to declare the type of variables.

That led us to move to typescript.

varuna srivastava

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